February 2015 site update

About 18 months ago, I set out to update the site, but got stuck by technical problems – my apologies for leaving the site unattended for so long. The problems, however, are now resolved – as far as I can realize – and I am gradually proceeding to a thourough update of the site.
So far, I have:
* entered publications of 2013 and 2014 into the publication list; the most important addition being the new book on economic tools for biodiversity, available online,
* corrected the ommission of a 2010 publication, a chapter in a book on critical perspectives in management; the chapter examines to what extent the environmental perspective on ecological problems can be considered to be a critical perspective;
* made available some texts directly online, especially a series of texts on research about environmental futures and scenarios (see publication list, year 2005)
* resolved the problem caused by the proliferation of spam comments (55000 had accumulated) – there may have been genuine comments lost in the mass, but I could not retrieve them; my apologies to visitors who may have left I genuine comment; as part of the update, I am planning to set up a more viable system for comments.
I will next turn to a complete check of the links and downloads, and to a revision of the pages.

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