Summer 2013 update under way

Hello to visitors of the site.

Since the site went online last summer, I have left it essentially unchanged and the time has come for updating the information and resources. This update is underway.

At this point, I have updated the publication list and added some links to documents. As soon as some technical problems are solved, there will be more to come.

Another change regards comments. Since the opening of the site, I had not had access to comments on those pages that accept them, due to some loop in my site setup. After I identified and suppressed the loop a few days ago, I discovered that tens of thousands of “comments” (most of them spams advertising dubious medical treatment) have accumulated and that several dozens a day (all of them spams) are pouring in. As a consequence, I have deactivated all the possibilities for comments on the site. This should be no big problem, since the site is not intended to become a public forum. As for academic and professional contacts by visitors of the site, e-mails will be more to the point (see the “contact” page).

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