Welcome to this site which presents my research and teaching work.


Portraits L fev 14 leger-7283I am a Professor of Environmental Management at AgroParisTech (French Institute of Forestry, Agricultural and Environmental Engineering). I belong to CESCO (the Center for Conservation Research).

My research and teaching revolves around one question: “Given an environmental problem, who can act, and how, to resolve it?”. My basic perspective is strategic management. I address a wide range of environmental issues, but with a keener interest for biodiversity conservation and the management of ecosystems. My work is organised around three complementary problematiques.

Strategic analysis.  There are many alternative possible frameworks to analyse societal management of ecosystems. With a network of colleagues and students I develop “Strategic Environmental Management Analysis”, a model that takes the full measure of the power issues and adversative dimension inherent in ecological issues.

Negotiation. Dealing with conflict and working out compromise solutions are central to environmental management. Negotiation theory has a lot to offer here. It also needs the complement of new research to deal with specificities of environmental management situations. I have also a keen interest in the various forms of participation.

Futures research. Long term, future stakes and dynamics are a fundamental feature of environmental issues. Just as futures studies and foresight are an integral part of business strategies, they are a fundamental contribution to environmental strategies. My work concentrates on the methods and theories used for environmental futures research, with an emphasis on scenarios and gaming simulations.

The site offers a number of publications and (audio) lectures, as well as information on my past and on-going work and collaborations.

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